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Who Is Jae?

As a self-taught pop artist hailing from Brooklyn and now based in Philadelphia, my work is infused with the frenetic energy of city life and the vibrant hues of street art. With a deep respect for the graffiti art style, I incorporate its elements into my pieces to create something truly unique.

My art is anything but ordinary, capturing the fleeting emotions and thoughts of the moment. I work quickly, often completing a piece in just one day using a variety of mediums, including acrylics, Sharpie oil markers, and spray paint.

After the loss of my parents, I am driven to succeed and honor their memory. I draw on anecdotes from my father and the love of life instilled in me by my mother to add depth to my creations. My goal is to infuse each piece with a sense of love, inspiring others to spread joy and positivity.

I am fortunate to have a close circle of friends who serve as both sounding boards and motivators, keeping me grounded and focused on my mission. Through my art and brand, I aim to bring more love and color into the world, using my creativity as my language of choice.

Love Wins