Who is Jae?

Native to Philadelphia by way of Brooklyn, I am self-taught pop artist who creates pieces with graffiti undertones inspired by the fast pace of city living. I create pieces that are far from the ordinary. Influenced greatly by the graffiti art style, I incorporate it into this work for due respect. To capture what I am feeling in the moment, I complete most of my pieces in only one day by using acrylics, Sharpie oil markers, spray paint, and anything else I can get my hands on.

With the passing of my parents, I have decided failure is not an option. Many anecdotes shared by my father are used to add depth to the artwork. The love of life and enjoying it has been instilled in by my mom and that is a major part of my creative process.  I want you to feel a sense of love when you gaze into my pieces. My parents are not my only influences.  I have aligned myself with my close friends to help me make my mark on the world. They are my sounding boards, my motivation and also keep me grounded.  This funny thing called life is lacking lots of love.  My art and brand are there to help spread love and to hopefully start a chain reaction.  We need love and color and that is my love language. Let me speak to you in the only way I know, by being creative.